January 30th, 2010 Minutes

Sign in by Town Representatives (Verify Quorum Requirement 10/14 Towns Represented)


Open Meeting @ 1:00

Introduction of Town Representatives present at meeting

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: West Point, Scribner, Dodge, Pender, Logan View, Bancroft, Pilger, Wisner and Stanton

MEMBERS NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Tekamah Herman (CALLED), Emerson (CALLED), Lyons Howells and Oakland




New Items to be added to Agenda

Jason Schweers (Wisner) – Asked for discussion on a request from the Ralph Bishop Legion League for the league consider changing game nights for the Pony Division. (discussed – no agreement to change current league game nights)


Treasurers Report as of 1/25/201: $ 87.00

Distributed and Reviewed Profit & Expenses Report for 2009

Review estimated operating costs and revenue potential for 2010 will be reviewed at April 11th meeting

Operating Rule # 9 - League Dues

No Change

Review requirements for League Play (Insurance)

No Change

Handed out copies of Official 2010 Roster to representatives (also on web site)

Reviewed of Player Transfer Requests for 2010


Handed out information on a 12 game Regular Season schedule, Tournament dates, Pony All-Star date and Eligibility dates for all divisions in 2010.


Nominations and Election of Officers for 2010

  • Ron Williams – President
  • Al Bohling – Secretary
  • Steve Blocher - Treasurer

Following officers were agreed upon for 2010 but WILL NEED TO BE FINALIZED IN April 11th meeting (Hold due to not having a Quorum)


AGREED to Accept hosting the League Tournament Semi Final & Finals in 2010

Didget > Pender             Bronco > Bancroft                    Pony > Stanton


Estimate on the number teams that may be playing in the league in 2010. Teams at meeting reported following numbers:

Didgets: 11 – 12                     Bronco: 8                    Pony: 7


Presented 2010 Regular Season and Tournament Game Schedule

Presented Pony All-Star Game Schedule


New Requests for entry into the League – Review possible request / Pending



NO DECISION COULD BE MADE ON THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE MEETING DID NOT HAVE A QUORUM AS REQUIRED – Representative present discussed options and ideas. Recommendations will be presented at the April 11th Meeting and vote taken at that time.


Open Discussion on the following Rule items for 2010:

Operating Rule # 9 – Coaches Meeting: Currently only requires new coaches to attend.

Reason: Number of problems arose last year during the season due to a lack of understanding of league rules and expectations.

Discussed going back to having ALL Coaches attend a mandatory meeting or an alternative testing / review method to ensure comprehension of the League Operating and Field Rules


Field Rule # 17 – Length of Game (Didgets): Currently have a time limit rule in place. Discuss going back to NO TIME LIMIT.

Reason: Had numerous issues arise during the year on interpretation of the rule by coaches, lack of enforcement of rule (one situation had to be resolved by Review Committee). Look to identify a better option for Didget games.

Discussed a couple of options on the issues. Options will be presented and voted on at the 4/11 meeting


Field Rule # 19 – Equipment & Uniforms: Clarification of steel cleats (vs) football cleats

Discussed clarification.

Clarification will be offered and voted on at the April 11th Meeting

Discussed AND WILL be put on agenda for 4/11th meeting for further discussion and possible vote

Introducing the Extra Hitter (EH) Option into League play



Tri-County League patches for shirts – no interest

Playing of the National Anthem prior to the start of league games – leave up to towns discretion

President reviewed current Operating Rules with representatives – All rules look satisfactory and do not require any changes at this time except for future discussion on Rule 9


Meeting Adjourned at 3:00pm


Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 11th @ 1:00pm – West Point Nelson Event Center