North Bend


North Bend Orange   (Didget League)
North Bend Black   (Bronco League)
North Bend Orange   (Bronco League)
North Bend   (Pony League)

Field Locations

(Didget - Bronco Field)

Groff Field & High School Field (both are the same)

FROM Hwy 79 go west on 13th Street to Walnut Street.

FROM Hwy 30 take Walnut Street north to 13th Street

Groff Field is on NE corner of 13th Street & Walnut

  HIGH SCHOOL Field is south of High School parking lot


(Pony Field)


FROM Hwy 79 take 11th Street east to Locust Street

FROM Hwy 30 take Locust Street north to City Park

Field is located on NE side of city park

Town Representatives

Aaron Sterup

Aaron Sterup

Box 551

North Bend, Ne  68649

Cell: 402-639-0328