January 18, 2009 Minutes (Approved by President )

Meeting Held at the Nielsen Event Center - West Point
Opened Meeting @ 1:05pm
All Representatives in Attendance except for Howells - Scribner

Treasurers Report - Current Balance $916.37
Reviewed 2008 Income and Expenditures (copy avaialble upon request from League President)
Reviewed 2009 Estimated Income and Expenses (copy available from League President)
    Discussed getting bids from local merchants on purchases made through the League

Met Operating Rule # 3 to hold Meeting (10/14)
12/14 towns in attendance
Reviewed Operating Rule # 1 - Voting
All towns had three votes except for Wisner (2), Pilger (1) and Lyons (1)

Representatives provided an estimate of teams participating from their towns.

Officers for 2009 were nominated and approved
Ron Williams - President
Al Bohling - Secretary
Steve Blocher - Treasurer

Updated Representatives with the conversion to a new web site design and data base for the 2009 season. Quote from 2008 still acceptable. Classic Blue in West Point is handling the upgrade. 4/01/09 is operational date.
Old web site is up and operational

Host Towns in 2009 for Semi Finals and Finals
Didget - Oakland
Bronco - Wisner
Pony - Oakland

Discussed changes to the Following Operating Rules
Operating Rule # 11
Mid-Season Deadline Date for Making up cancelled weather related games - BOD decided NO CHANGE to current procedures. President still given responsibility based on seasonal conditions to extend deadline as needed.
Operating Rule # 10
BOD APPROVED - Amended current language regarding seeding criteria based on situation that occurred in the 2008 season.
Go to Operating Rule 10 - see change highlighted in RED
Operating Rule # 11
BOD APPROVED - Adding wording regarding conflicts between coaches regarding the cancellation or playing a game that may be questionable due to weather - See Operating Rule # 11 - Cancellations. See added language highlighted in RED
Games at Neutral Sites - Cost for Umpires ADDED TO OPERATING RULE #11
See additional to wording highlighted in RED

Reviewed Procedures for Player transfers in 2009
Forms updated and available on web site

Reviewed Projected Regular Season Game Schedule for 2009
Final decision will be made in the April 2009 Meeting - Contact Town Representative for further information.

Handed out copies of Little League Field Dimensions

Discussed increasing our potentail for Adversting in 2009

Discussed Items NEEDED for the April 2009 Meeting

Next Meeting set (TBD) - Sunday - April 5th @ 1PM - Nielsen Event Center

Adjourned Meeting @ 2:30pm