April 27th, 2007 Minutes

Meeting opened at 1:05pm
All Town Representatives were asked to sign in and verify current contact information.
Treasurers Report: $ 618.11

Review Officers for 2007: Ron Williams - President
                                        Al Bohling - Secretary
                                        Steve Blocher - Treasurer

Reviewed Operating rules for conducting meeting.
Reviewed Operating Rule # 1
Reviewed Operating Rule # 3 - Quorum
Reviewed 51% majority vote required to approve changes

Norfolk VFW was allowed to present their case for possibly joining the league in 2008.
They are hoping to schedule some scrimmage games and meet some of the teams in the league in 2007.

Request for any new advertising to be submitted to Ron Williams.
Recieved five (5) PAID advertisements.  These will be forwarded to the Web Site Administrator.

Open for discussion Field Rule # 17
At the current time the Didget games have an opportunity to end in a TIE. This caused some concerns regarding seeding for the league tournament and also was contrary to normal baseball rules.
It was discussed and agreed upon, to implement a rule change to eliminate TIES for games in 2007.
FIELD RULE # 17 - Approved change by BOD

Tournament Semi-Final & Final Host for 2007

2007 Regular Season Information
For this year there will be:
         20 DIDGET teams
         18 BRONCO teams
         12 PONY teams
Note: Registration fees, Insurance Coverage Certificates and Rosters were collected.

BOD approved an eleven (11) week schedule for 2007
Pony Division games will start on 5/20/07
Didget / Bronco will start on 5/21/07

The FINAL LEAGUE TOURNAMENT will be posted by 6/01/2007

Set 05/06/07 as the date for the MANDATORY Coach's meeting. Two sessions will be provided at 1:00pm and 3:00pm.  Meetings will be held in the West Point Auditorium.

Hap Dumont World Series Teams for 2007:
Rick Brune - 13 Under
Doak Wegner - 14 Under

Meeting Adjourned at 3:05pm