Minutes for 4/15/12 Meeting

Town Representatives – Signed in


Opened Meeting @ 1:00


Treasurers Report as of 4/13/12 - $511.90

  • Reviewed (Hand- Out) estimating Operating Budget for 2012


Validated that a Quorum exists in order to hold meeting (Operating Rule # 3)

  • 13 Towns were represented at the meeting for a 100% attendance. We were able to hold the meeting


New Business to be entered into Agenda

  • OMAHASTORMCHASERS LEAGUE NIGHT – material was reviewed with representatives and agreed to the following:

Representatives were receptive to the idea of possibly doing a League Night

It was agreed to email coaches and representatives with Proposal from the Omaha Stormchasers by 5/1 and to follow up by 5/20 to see how many players / coaches and families might be interested in going.

We would then contact the Stormchaser Representative for further discussion

I reserved June 30th as the date for the league

  • MISKA SPORTS REPRESENTATIVE – spoke on possible saving on baseball equipment.



Pre-Season Business


Clarification of position regarding players pitching in Tri-Co Pony Division and American Legion was handed out and reviewed. Representatives APPROVED the clarification. It will be posted on web site and forwarded to Pony coaches. It will be asked to forward to town Legion coaches.






Discussion on Field Rules changes for 2012

Field Rule # 17 – Didget Division – discuss changing 1hr - 30 minute Time Limit Rule

BOD – decided NOT to change the current time limit rule for Didget games

BOD – APPROVED for all division a maximum pitch count between inning and for new pitchers

Pitches between innings will be a maximum of four (4) for same pitcher

For new Pitchers – maximum innings allowed to warm up will be eight (8)


Discussion on League Operating Rule # 9

Change back to requirement that a coach from each team attend a mandatory League Rules Meeting (versus having coaches sign off of rules).

BOD: APPROVED that a coach from each team represented in the league MUST attend a mandatory Coaches Review Sessions.

It was asked that two different dates be provided with two separate sessions for each date.

Dates will be 4/29 & 5/6 – Coaches and Representatives will be notified


Confirmed Host Towns for 2012 League Semi & Finals:

Didget: Stanton 2012                Bronco: Howells 2012             Pony: Lyons 2012                    

$ 2120.00 registration fees collected



  • 12 game regular season schedule for all divisions  
  • League Tournament Dates 7/6 – 7/16
  • Pony All-Star Game will be played on a date between Junior Districts and Junior State (tbd) (see below). It was also agreed that only two players will represent each Pony team in league

Junior Districts: 7/13 – 7/17      Junior State: 7/21 – 7/25


Verified # Teams registered for 2012

20 Didgets                    18 Broncos                  11 Pony



Teams submitted the following:

  • League Roster with all information provide (unless you have received an approved extension)
  • Team name
  • Coach name – address – best contact number
  • Full names of players
  • Birthdates of all players
  • Verify Eligibility dates of players on rosters
  • #’s for players
  • **** next to name of player on multiple rosters but pitching on a specific roster
  • Transfer form MUST Be SUBMIITED w/ Rosters
  • Registration fees for each team playing in 2012
  • Proof of Insurance




Web Site

  • General updates to be completed by 4/22/12
  • League schedule to be completed by 5/2/12


Web Site: www.tricoleague.com


Meeting Adjourned at: 3:10pm


Next Meeting Date: Non Scheduled for balance of 2012