Minutes – 4/11/2010 MEETING


Quorum to hold meeting was met 12/14 towns represented at the meeting


Open Meeting: Discussed the importance of having members that support the league. Also noted to BOD that they ultimately have the ability to form the league in whatever fashion they believe is in their best interest.


Treasurers Report as of 4/10/2010: $ 91.43

Projected Income and Expense Report for 2010 was distributed to the BOD – any person wanting further detail can contact their representative or President, Ron Williams


Nominations and Election of Officers for 2010 – APPROVED by BOD

  • Ron Williams – President
  • Al Bohling – Secretary
  • Steve Blocher – Treasurer


Operating Rule # 9(2) – Coaches Meeting: Currently only requires new coaches to attend.

Reason: Number of problems arose last year during the season due to a lack of understanding of league rules and expectations.

BOD Approved (4/11/2010)” that the Head Coach will be required to sign off on specific Operating Rules and ALL Field Rules prior to the season beginning indicating they have read and understand the Tri-Co Rules. Sign off lines have been added to the rules posted on the web site. The Town representatives agreed to assist in getting this procedure completed


Field Rule # 17 – Length of Game (Didgets): Currently have a time limit rule in place. Discuss going back to NO TIME LIMIT.

Reason: Had numerous issues arise during the year on interpretation of the rule by coaches, lack of enforcement of rule (one situation had to be resolved by Review Committee). Look to identify a better option for Didget games.


Note: Did recommend that the number of pitches between innings be limited to a maximum of eight. Intend is to keep game moving. This will be added to the Umpires review Information. Also time rule will be reviewed with Didget Coaches during Field Rules review.


Field Rule # 19 – Equipment & Uniforms: Clarification of steel cleats (vs) football cleats

BOD added the following clarification (4/11/2010): Absolutely NO steal cleats that have BLADES will be allowed in league play. Football cleats or a plastic cleat with metal piece on bottom that is flat is acceptable.


Extra Hitter (EH) Option

BOD APPROVED (4/11/2010): the EH Rule starting in league play for 2010 for ALL Divisions. The Designated Hitter currently used in the Bronco and Pony Divisions will be dropped


Discussed changing game days for Pony Division to help with fielding American Legion teams. No change this year – Deferred for discussion in 2011.


League Items - Hosts League Tournament Semi Final & Finals in 2010

Didget > Pender                      

Bronco > Bancroft                   

Pony > Stanton


League Requirements for Participation in 2010 Play

  1. Eligibility age dates
  2. League Fees
  3. Insurance Letter or Certificate of Coverage (See operating rule for minimum)
  4. ALL ROSTERS MUST be put on Official 2010 Tri Co League Roster Form (also on web site)
  5. Transfers Forms MUST be submitted at meeting with rosters


Team’s playing 2010

Didgets: 18                   Bronco:  16                  Pony: 13



12     Game Regular Season Schedule / Tournament Schedule / Pony All-Star Date – All will be posted on web site by 5/5/2010



Coach Pitch Names Updates (ASAP)

New Requests for entry into the League for 2011 (Wakefield – Winnebago)


Meeting Adjourned at 2:40pm