Minutes of the 2/1/14 Pre-Season Meeting


Had Town Representatives Sign in on Roster Sheet


Towns in Attendance: West Point, Bancroft, Wisner, Howells-Dodge, Pender, Scribner-Snyder, Logan View, Lyons, Wayne and Oakland

Not in Attendance: Tekamah-Herman & Stanton

A Quorum of Representatives were in attendance per Operation Rule #3

(9/13 requirement) and we were able to conduct league business

Reviewed Voting rules per Operating Rule #3


Open Meeting @ 1:00pm


Treasurers Report as of 1/30/14 – balance $ 194.30 (distributed P& L report at meeting)


Nominated and approve Officers for 2014

Ron Williams – President

Al Bohling – Secretary

Steve Blocher – Treasurer



  1. Listen to two Requests from North Bend (Troy Post) & Arlington (Matt Pittman) for possible membership into the league

MEMBERSHIP APPROVED FOR BOTH TEAMS – “Welcome into the League“!!!!


  1. Discuss Operating Rule # 8 – Age Eligibility Requirement:

The league’s current age eligibility requirements and it direct relationship to the changes being made by the American Legion.




Age Requirement for 2014

Didget 2003-2004

Bronco 2001-2002

Pony 1999-2000


  1. League Dues for 2014

Representatives agreed to an increase of $5.00 per team (last increase was 2008)


  1. Operating Rule #11 – Game Cancellations (Tournament – Penalty Assessment)

Current Fee $100.00

Decided and APPROVED to raise cancellation fee to $250.00 (Tournament Games Only)


  1. Field Rule #17 – Length of game

Discuss having an earlier game start time for the Pony Division (both days or possibly Sunday) – No change to current 7:00pm start times


  1. Field Rule #23 – Base Running

Review current language in rule and adjust to read all bases (not just home plate)


Representatives approved the following change to this section to read:

BOD: APPROVED 2/1/14 the following change to Didget Base running rules)
All BASES are closed (including home plate) on any passed balls, wild pitches, and while a ball is being thrown back to the pitcher.
If the defensive team makes a play on ANY base runner all bases including home plate will automatically become open.


(BOD: APPROVED 2/1/14 the following change to Didget Base running rules)

If base runners leave the bases before the ball crosses home plate the following will occur.

1st Offense:

All runners will return to their original base and the pitch is considered a dead ball.
2nd Offense or more:

If any runner leaves a base before the ball crosses the home plate the player will be called OUT and the pitch is considered a dead ball.  Other runners will return to their original base.


  1. BOD Approved the following new wording into Field Rule #17 Length of Game:


(If the VISITING TEAM is ahead by ten (10) or more runs, then the HOME TEAM shall bat first.

If the visiting team get three outs and is still leading the game - THE GAME IS OVER.

If the home team takes the lead then the VISITING TEAM will then have their chance to bat in the bottom of the open inning




  • President to presented statistical breakdown of games played in 2012 & 2013 in the Didget Division to determine if a Mercy Rule needs to be considered for 2014 (Field Rule #17 – Length of Game)

Representatives decided NO NEED @ this time to institute a Mercy Rule for Didget Division


  • Following towns agreed host the Semi-Finals & Finals in 2014 (per rotation schedule)

  • Didget – West Point

  • Bronco - Lyons

  • Pony – Dodge/Howells


Web Site Counter Fixed:

Total hits to the web site since it opened {5/5/2009} >>> 21,077 as of 2/6/14


Set for April Meeting in West Point Sunday 4/6/14 (Meeting Room Reserved)


Closed meeting @ 3:10pm