Minutes for April 11th Meeting

Opened Meeting @ 1:05pm

Had Town Representatives sign in: All in attendance except for Stanton and Bancroft

Made available Player Release and Official Roster Forms (reviewed procedures)


 Review Operating Rules

Rule 1 - Voting

Only one representative from each town can vote

Towns MUST have played in the league the previous year

Rule 3

9/13 teams must be in attendance to hold a meeting - 11/13 were in attendance

All towns have three votes except for Wisner (2) Pilger(1) and Lyons (1)


Treasurers Report - $916.37

Handed out 2008 Income and Expense Report

Handed out 2009 estimated P & L


 Teams submitted their final list for 2009

17 Didget teams

18 Bronco teams

10 Pony teams


Had teams submit Required Items for League Participation

  • Official Roster Forms - #s / Full Names / Uniform Numbers
  • Identify players on multiple rosters (pitching)
  • Coaches full names and contact information
  • Release Forms as they apply
  • Copy of Medical Liability Coverage or letter  from Insurance Agency
  • Review Mandatory Coaches meeting for new coaches - scheduled for 5/03/09 @ 1:00pm - West Point
  • Collect Dues
  • (Note: This year was the worse year fro towns submitting all the necessary information. As of 5/4 there are many items missing that are required by the last Post meeting!!!!)

Town Representatives approved waiver of Operating Rule in order to allow Emerson to join the leaue and field a Pony Team in the 2009 Season

Informed representatives that Homer was interested in submitting a 12 Under (Bronco team in the league. That was held off to 2010.

Updated representatives on status of new web site - Classic Blue


Finalized Host Towns for League tournament Semi and Finals games

Didget - Oakland

Bronco - Wisner

Pony - Oakland                                                                                                                             

Representatives approved 12/13 week schedule for Didget and Broncos.

Approved a twelve week schedule for the Pony Division.

Also, in Pony Division it was agreed to have one date scheduled as a doubleheader if agreed to by both teams.

League Tournament will start on July 6th

Pony All Star Game is scheduled for 7/18 and RAIN DATE is 7/19

Handed out a Field Dimension diagram

Discussed the need for Web Site Advertising to help defer costs

Web site address is www.tricoleague.com

Meeting Adjourned @ 2;45pm