Agenda – 1/28/18 Meeting

MEETING LOCATION: Nielsen Center – West Point


Validated that we meet Operating Rule #3 “Meetings and Voting”

19 of 19 Towns Represented at the meeting - 100%

Representatives sign Log Sheet


2017 - Treasurer Report handed out


Officers for 2018:

Ron Williams - President - APPROVED

Steve Blocher - Treasurer - APPROVED

Al Bohling - Secretary (was not in attendance - pending for April 15th meeting)


Request any New Business to be added to the meeting Agenda

Scribner-Snyder stated they had a 1st year Bronco Player who is autistic. There would be no team for him to play on. Representative asked for BOD to grant permission to allowing him to continue to play in the Didget Division for the upcoming year. BOD Decision - APPROVED.


General Business

2018 League Tournament Host Sites

Didget Division – ARLINGTON

Bronco Division – NORTH BEND

Pony Division - WEST POINT

All HOST SITES for Semi-Final, Consolation, and Championship Games indicated they will be able to host for 2018.


Items for Discussion and Voting

1) Discussion and vote  to: Consider change age requirement to class and not calendar year


Current Age Criteria

Review Age Requirement for 2018

Pony - 1/1/2003 – 12/31/2004

Bronco - 1/1/2005 – 12/31/2006

Didget – 1/1/2007 – 12/31/2008

2) Change Nights for Pony League Games

Discussion and vote to: Consider changing Ponies games to > Tuesday – Friday

BOD Decision: NO CHANGE to current days Ponies play their games


3) Discussion on extended length of games

The following areas were discussed (presented 2 eamisl from coach(s):)

  • Didget Division: Do Away with Open inning if a team is down by so many runs (STOP at the close of that inning)
    • Play 5 inning (making 5th - OPEN Inning)
    • Games starting on time
  • 2 hour time limits on all games?

Discussion focused primarily on the Bronco Division

BOD: Decided that Bronco games owuld have a two hour time limit

  1. No new inning would start after two hours
  2. Time period begins at the 1st pitch of the Bronco game
  3. Additional clarification would be detailed at the 4/15/18 meeting


4) Safety Items

Sliding Head First into bases: At present time there is no rule preventing this

BOD Decision: TBD @ 4/15/18 MEETING


Should Safety Bases at 1st be mandatory/ Currently they are optional

BOD Decision: TBD @ 4/15/18 MEETING


Didget Player entering the League that can pitch with both arms

Team and parent asking for clarification on the special situation and current league pitch rules that manage innings pitched by a player

A number of ideas, options regarding this situation were discussed.

No decision was made.

TBD @ 4/15/18 MEETING


Review dates for Regular Season and Tournament

  • Regular Season dates (to be approved at 4/15/18 meeting) 
    • Tentative - 5/16 through 6/28/18
  • Tournament Schedule: tentative (no games 7/3 - 7/4)
    • All divisions: tentative 7/1 - no later 7/16/18
  • Pony All-Start game date: tentative 7/12/18
  • Madatory Coaches Meeting: tentative 5/6/18


Estimate of # Teams for 2018

Didget – 26

Bronco – 22

Pony – 19


Next Meeting

April 15th @ 1:00 - West Point


Close Meeting @ 2:40pm