4/10/2011 Meeting Minutes



Town Representatives – Signed in

Open Meeting @ 1:00

Treasurers Report as of 4/8 - $248.65


Requests for New Business



Old Business

No Changes in Field Rules for 2011

Ralph Bishop – no contact


League Members Updated (letters mailed):

  • Pilger will no longer be able to support putting teams in the league

  • Emerson dropped from league participation (ne response to request to put all teams in league)


Confirmed commitment for hosting League Semi and Finals

Didget - Scribner Bronco – Dodge Pony – Logan View


Approved 12 game Regular Season schedule

Approved Tournament and Pony All-Star schedule for 2011


Web Site

  • General updates to be completed by 4/20

    • Coach Pitch – Non League Tournaments etc

  • Regular Season Schedule – estimated date to be completed 5/01

  • Consultation Cost this year ($200.00) if new brackets need to be developed


Roll Call of Teams being registered for the 2011 Season

Didgets: 17 Bronco: 15 Pony: 12


All Star

2 players will be selected from each team for All-Star Game





ALL Towns MUST BRING the following per Operating Rule # 9 (www.tricoleague.com)


League Membership Requirements for Participation

  1. Assure that all players meet eligibility age dates

  2. League Fees

    • $40.00 Didget and Bronco

    • $55.00 Pony

  3. Insurance Letter or Certificate of Coverage (See operating rule for minimum)

  4. Rosters of team on Official 2011 Tri Co League Roster Form

  5. Transfers Forms MUST be submitted with rosters at the April meeting

  6. Signed copies by the Head Coach having reviewed the Operating Rules and Field Rules (Copies MUST be forwarded to League President prior to playing 1st game of season


Web Site: www.tricoleague.com

Meeting Adjourned at: 2:35pm