1/29/2011 Meeting Minutes


Open Meeting @ 1:30

Towns In Attendance: Bancroft, Dodge, Howells, Logan View, Oakland, Scribner-Snyder, Stanton, Pender, Tekamah-Herman, West Point and Wisner

Not in Attendance: Emerson, Pilger and Lyons


Validated that a Quorum is in session to hold meeting

  • 14 teams in league – needed 10 to hold meeting > 11 Towns represented in the Meeting.


Nominate and Approved Officers for 2011

Ron Williams – President Al Bohling – Secretary Steve Blocher - Treasurer


2010 Treasurers Report distributed to representatives: current Balance $266.00

2011 Estimate of Revenue and Expense Report for 2011 distributed to representatives

Note: No additional costs are associated with Web Site Consultant Company


Estimate of potential number of teams playing in league for 2011

Didgets: 18 Bronco: 17 Pony: 13


Hosts League Tournament Semi Final & Finals in 2011

Didget > Scribner Bronco > Dodge Pony > Logan View


Reviewed Changes made in 2010 to the following league rules– feedback

Operating Rule # 9(2) – Coaches Meeting: BOD Approved (4/11/2010)” that the Head Coach will be required to sign off on specific Operating Rules and ALL Field Rules prior to the season beginning indicating they have read and understand the Tri-Co Rules. (Not done very effectively)

President indicated that he will prepare a different method for getting signatures of acknowledgement from the coaches of registered teams for 2011


Field Rule # 17 – Length of Game (Didgets): BOD – NO CHANGE TO RULE

Note: Did recommend that the number of pitches between innings be limited to a maximum of eight. Intend is to keep game moving. This will be added to the Umpires review Information. Also time rule will be reviewed with Didget Coaches during Field Rules review.


Extra Hitter (EH) Option - BOD APPROVED (4/11/2010):


New Items

Discuss minimum requirements for towns to remain members of the league. Adopt language to help address potential non-active members. Representatives were reminded that at the 01/2010 meeting the importance of having strong membership support for the league by member towns

It was decided that the President should draft and mail a letter to towns that did not have a team in the league in 2010 their intentions for 2011 and the need to be a FULL participating member in 2012. The letter should also indicated a deadline date for a response


Read and discussed Letter from Tri County League President to the American Legion - Ralph Bishop League regarding player numbers and scheduling concerns.



Reviewed Schedule for 2011

Game Regular Season Schedule Dates – decision to be made in the April meeting

Draft of Tournament Schedule to be present at the April meeting

Pony All-Star Date - TBD


Reminded member team of League Requirements for Participation

  1. Eligibility age dates of players

  2. League Fees (No change) –

    • $40.00 Didget and Bronco

    • $55.00 Pony

  3. Insurance Letter or Certificate of Coverage (See operating rule for minimum)

  4. Official 2011 Tri Co League Roster Form must be used

  5. Transfers Forms MUST be submitted at meeting with rosters prior to the April meeting

  6. Transfers (2010 sheets) – President will mail a list of 2010 Transfers to affected town representatives for review


Current Operating – Field Rule Changes for Discussion?

Umpiring Concerns again in 2010 – President to look for possible Umpiring Clinics


Web Site: www.tricoleague.com

Date of next meeting; 4/10/2011

Meeting Adjourned at: 3:00pm