Minutes for 4/6/14 Meeting

Representatives Present: All 14 members present @ meeting


Validated Operating Rule #3 – Had 100% attendance


Opened meeting @ 1:00pm


Treasurers Report as of 4/4/14 - $114.96 / current balance



  1. Pitchers Safety – Request for League to consider a requirement that Pitchers wear some type of Protective Head gear

BOD – Decided not to make mandatory the use of protective mask for pitchers

Each town could decide on their own to use them in the league

  1. Balk Rule (3rd then 1st) current MLB baseball rules prevent this movement

BOD: Approved adopting this rule and add to Balk Call

  1. Higher Seed in Semi-Finals and Finals

BOD: Approved the highest seeded team coach will have decision to play late or early Semi-Final game

  1. Should we offer a 3rd Place game for Semi- Final losers

BOD: Approved 3rd Place game. Winner to received medals. Game will be played at host town. Game will be played prior to Championship Game


Reviewed Age Requirement for 2014 – Asked to review rosters

Didget 2003-2004

Bronco 2001-2002

Pony 1999-2000



Rosters / registration fees collected and insurance certificates / verification were submitted and transfer sheets for 2014. Submitted to League Secretary, Al


Verify towns that agreed to host the Semi-Finals & Finals in 2014

  • Didget – West Point - YES

  • Bronco – Lyons - YES

  • Pony – Dodge/Howells - YES


Approved 12 game regular season schedule for Didget / Broncos Divisions

Approved 11 game regular season schedule for Pony Division

Review Potential dates for League Tournament – pending

Pony All Star Game is scheduled for Tuesday 7/2/14

Date for Mandatory Coaches Meeting is Sunday 5/4/14. Two sessions will be offered at 1:00pm & 3:00pm



Sportsmanship issues in 2013 (read comments & letters) - REVIEWED

Coach Pitch Contact Information - COLLECTED


Web Site Counter - REVIEWED

Total hits to the web site since it opened {5/5/2009} >>>

21,077 as of 2/6/14

23,459 as of 3/30/14


Closed meeting @ 2:45PM