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  Meeting Opened @ 1:00PM
President had Representatives sign in on Log Sheet
    Howells was not in attendance

Treasurers Report as of 1/25/2008 - $680.71

Nominations for 2008 Officers was opened
Ron Williams nominated for President
Al Bohling nominated for Secretary
Steve Blochner nominated for Treasuer
    BOD approved nominations for officers for 2008

Review Meeting Operating Rules
Rule #1 - One representative per town in attendance allowed to vote if town participated in league play in 2007
Rule #3 - Minimum quarom of 10 towns need to be present to hold meeting. 13/14 towns in attendance. In tie breaker situations all towns have three votes for each team that played in a division. Following towns would only have two votes: Pender, Lyons, Scribner, Stanton and Pilger

Request for Entry into League
Considered request from two separate Norfolk Groups for entry into the Tri County Baseball League. Representatives from the Norfolk Titans and Norfolk VFW presented their requests. After much discussion the BOD voted against entry for either group in 2008

Web Site
BOD approved increase in team fees by $10.00 to cover costs associated with shifting the web site to Classic Blue Group in West Point, Nebraska. Details on associated cost can be requested from League President, Ron Williams. Julie Dorcey of West Point will be assisting with the transition.
Operating Rule # 9 will be changed to reflect dues increase

BOD approved advertising on the league web site for 2008 - No Change

NAME CHANGE for Didget Division
BOD quickly review request but decided to keep the current name - No change

Consideration to Change Inning per Week due to Extend Weather Related Delays
BOD felt no change was needed at this time. Also indicated that adjustments to deline dates in 2007 by the League President were effective in handling the weather delays. Future responses by the League President would be acceptable. - No Change

COIN Flip for Finals in Tournament Play
BOD decided to maintain the current procedure where the  Higher Seeded team will continue to have home advantage during the tournaments - NO Change

Clarification of Substitution Rule - Pony Division

BOD clarified that in the Pony Division will allow for the origianl player to re-enter the game once. This reflects current rules used by the American Legion Baseball Organization
See Field Rule # 21

New Lanquage for Un-sportsmanlike Conduct

BOD Approved new procedures for handling these situations - See last section of  Field Rule # 26 for details

Didgets - North Bend (accepted)
Bronco - West Point (accepted)
Pony - Pender (pending)    Oakland next to host (accepted if Pender declines)

Open Discussion
Game schedule for 2008 (11 or 12 game schedule)
Dates for Tournament Schedule
Date for Pony All-Star game
   (President will forward in the mail drafts for schedules and dates within two weeks of the meeting)
Final decision on these items will be finalized in the April 13th  Pre-Season Meeting

Reviewed requirements for League Play and items that need to brought to the post seaon meeting
See Operating Rules #6 - 7 - 9 for more details

Steve Suhr (Bancroft) will be coaching a 14Under - Hap Dumont World Series Team from the leageu
Ron Williams (Pender) is also looking to put together a 12/11 Under Team from the league (PENDING)

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 13th
@ 1:00 pm in the West Point Auditorium